10/1/18 Week at a Glance

By on September 30, 2018

Team members at last year’s Illinois competition!

Hi team!

Hope you’re feeling energized for another week of dancing! Let’s start with announcements:

Some things if you’re new to the team:

  • Lessons this week: This is our first week on our regular lesson schedule for the semester! There will be a review of Saturday’s lesson on Tuesday in case you missed it or want extra practice. On Thursday there will be a short intro to a new dance, the Waltz, followed by our first partner search!! Our first major competition of the semester at Purdue University is only a few weeks away (October 27th, more info to follow soon), so if you’re interested in attending this is the perfect chance to find someone to go with. Even if you can’t go to Purdue, don’t miss this opportunity to find someone to practice with so you can get an early start for other competitions later in the semester. If you can’t come to this one, we’ll hold another partner search in a few weeks 🙂
  • Check out our newcomer guide! The password is in the email you just got with the link to this page. Click here to access.
  • Join our Facebook group! It’s the hub of our community where we post event reminders and announcements during the week (also the many, many lost and found items people leave after lessons!). Check it out here, and just hit request access. Make sure you’ve added your Michigan email address to your Facebook account or you won’t be able to join the group, there’s instructions about how to do this here (if you aren’t a Michigan student please contact ballroom-exec@umich.edu and we’ll sort it out).


Some things for everyone:

  • Ballroom buddies! Our team is so large and complicated, it can be confusing when you first join. With this in mind, we’ve developed a ballroom buddy scheme: if you are a new member of our team, you can sign up to be paired with a returning team member that has volunteered to help you feel welcome and answer any questions about competitions/looking for a partner/anything and everything ballroom related. Your buddy is not responsible for teaching you dance moves or meeting with you all day every day (unless you both want to), but rather serves as a point person and guide to the team. Sign up for both newcomers and returning team members can be found here (deadline is 11.59pm on Friday). 
  • Calendar: The team has its own Google calendar, available here, which you can use for reminders for all our events during the week and to see what competitions are coming up!
  • Speaking of competitions, for those of you who’ve signed up, the payment deadline for Illinois is Wednesday! The registration fee is $42 per person, please don’t be a jerk and make Clara hunt you down! Remember to pay registration directly to the team, don’t pay on O2CM!!!
  • Showcase videos are up! Recruitment may be over, but the memories live on. Relive the magic of your favourite performances here.


And now the schedule…

Monday 10/1

9.30-11.30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Tuesday 10/2

9-11pm: Newcomer review lesson! Missed the lesson last Saturday, or just want to come back and learn the steps again? In this two hour lesson, you’ll catch up on what we covered on Saturday!

10-12pm: Open Practice at DTS

Wednesday 10/3

9.30-11.30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Thursday 10/4

9-11pm: Newcomer waltz mini-lesson/partner search! Come and learn the basic step for a new dance, and find a partner to practice or attend Purdue with!

10-12pm: Open Practice at DTS

Friday 10/5

Sign up for Ballroom Buddies, the deadline is tonight!

Saturday 10/6

4.30-6pm: Newcomer lesson with Steve and Susan! 

Sunday 10/7

Did you know? Your ballroom team membership comes with a complimentary membership to the ballroom club! Just ask the desk at the club for your membership card. The Ballroom Dance Club meets once a week on Sundays and provides a relaxed, social environment to learn ballroom along with the wider Ann Arbor community – you don’t need to be a student to attend! Check out their dance schedule for this Sunday here, meeting in the Vandenberg Room in the League:

5-6pm: Bachata
6-7pm: International Cha Cha 2
7-8pm: American Tango 1 <- Newcomers come to this one!
8-10pm: Open Dance

Check out the club website here.


Looking further ahead…

Shoe vending is coming soon on October 9th, 10-12pm! Newcomers, this is the perfect chance to get your hands on a pair of those fancy shoes you’ve seen other team members wearing. More details to follow next week!

Save the date for the Ohio Star Ball aka OSB aka NATIONALS!!! OSB is the most fun competition of the year and we’d hate for you to miss it, so save the date for November 17th-18th!

Looking even further ahead, our big competition in the Winter Semester is the Arnold Youth Dancesport Classic hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, which is March 2nd-3rd (the first weekend of Spring Break). Plan your break so you can attend and see the one and only Governator!


Happy dancing,


Michigan Ballroom President