11/12/18 Week at a Glance

By on November 11, 2018

The sleepy team after winning OSB

Feeling sleepy after winning OSB in 2016!

Hi team,

This time next week we’ll be in Columbus battling it out at Nationals!!! I hope you’re as excited as I am to show off all your hard work from this semester in front of the judges and your team-mates ūüôā

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Get ready for OSB! Your fabulous Away Comp Chair just sent out an email full of info, but keep an eye out for additional emails during the week as there may be changes to Rooms and Rides:

  • Registration payment deadline is MONDAY November 12th.¬†Don’t be a jerk and make our lovely treasurer Clara hunt you down, there will be a late fee of $15 if you don’t pay on time! Venmo @UMBDT preferred, cash/check/card/PayPal accepted. Reach out to Clara at cafarley@umich.edu if you have questions about payment.
  • Attire:¬†Make sure you have all your costumes ready for the competition! In addition, remember that the dress code for the pro show on Friday and Saturday nights is formalwear (guys think a nice shirt and a suit jacket if you own one, girls think cocktail dresses)
  • Hair/makeup help:¬†Check out these video tutorials by wonderful team alumna Katherine if you need help with competition hair or makeup ūüôā
  • TBA dancing:¬†If you’re a lead, you can win extra points for the team by dancing two extra events with a girl from another school who doesn’t have a partner (in addition to the eight events you’ll be dancing with your partner from Michigan). Lizzie will be coordinating TBA dancers at OSB, so please reach out to her (enabney@umich.edu) if you have any questions or are very strongly opposed to dancing TBA. Otherwise, you may be contacted during the competition with requests to TBA ūüôā
  • Check out our¬†competition preparation list¬†to see what you need to pack!


Monday 11/12


9.30-11.30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Tuesday 11/13

9-11pm: Newcomer review lesson

10-12pm: Open Practice at DTS

Wednesday 11/14

9.30-11.30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Thursday 11/15

9-11pm: Rounds in CCRB 3275 – this is a practice competition for OSB, come and dance/cheer for your friends!!!

10-12pm: No DTS, come to rounds!!!

Friday 11/16

Drive to Columbus!!!

Saturday 11/17


No newcomer lesson

Sunday 11/18


Club is in the League Vandenberg room this week, check out their website here for more info.

5-6pm: American Tango 3
6-7pm: Jive 2
7-8pm: Zouk
8-10pm: Open dance

There’s a lot of people on this team, to help you get to know everyone we’ve made a handy guide to who’s on which team, so you know who to cheer for at OSB this weekend! Check out B and C teams here!

B team

Not pictured:

Chris (Senior, Conservation Biology and German) and Viktoriya (Junior, Aerospace Engineering)

Jonny (Senior, Mechanical Engineering) and Cara (Grad student, Applied Statistics)


C team

Alex (Junior, Math/Physics) and Christine (grad student, Medicinal Chemistry)


Esti (Junior, Computer Science) and Meagan (Junior, Computer Science Engineering)


Jack (Junior, Political Science and Communications) and Fabiola (grad student, Law)


Jaiden (Senior, Dance with Business minor) and Sarah (5th year, Business and English)


Marmik (Senior, Computer Science) and Clara (Senior, Political Science)



Riley (Junior, Computer Science) and Jing (Sophomore, Neuroscience)



Trey (Junior, Biomedical Engineering) and Megan (Junior, Civil Engineering)




Happy dancing, I’m excited to see you all out on the floor this weekend!!!


Who’s ready for the team match??!!