11/4/18 Week at a Glance

By on November 4, 2018

The Victors!

Last year’s OSB victors!

Hi team,

  • Get hype for OSB, we’ve got less than two weeks to go!  Here’s some things you can do to prepare for the big weekend!
    • If you have not filled out Rooms and Rides yet, please do so ASAP.
    • Pay your registration to the team by Monday November 12th ($80). If you joined after Jan 2018, the team will pay for half your registration, meaning your cost is only $40!!! Venmo @UMBDT preferred, other payment methods accepted. Don’t be a jerk and make Clara hunt you down, there will be a late fee if you don’t pay on time!
    • Check out our competition preparation list to see how you can start preparing for the comp
    • Look in your wardrobe, use the team closet or ask upper level team members to prepare your costumes! Please submit team closet requests by Friday November 9th. The costuming rules for OSB are a little different than for other competitions, if you are dancing Pre-Bronze, Bronze or Silver please read this extract from the rulebook: There are no costumes allowed in Newcomer, Bronze or Silver. No reflective material, sequins, rhinestones, etc. Fringe is fine. No jewelry with light reflective qualities, including earrings necklaces, bracelets, etc. No gloves or floats.
-128Days -13Hours -31Minutes -5Seconds
  • Wisconsin payment deadline is Wednesday Nov 7th. Venmo preferred, cash/check/card/paypal accepted. Don’t be a jerk and make Clara hunt you down!


Monday 11/5

9.30-11.30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Tuesday 11/6

ELECTION DAY!!! Go exercise your voting rights 🙂

9-11pm: Newcomer review lesson

10-12pm: Open Practice at DTS

Wednesday 11/7

9.30-11.30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Thursday 11/8

Wisconsin payment deadline!

9-11pm: Newcomer supervised practice – get your questions answered to prep for OSB!

10-12pm: Open Practice at DTS

Friday 11/9

Only one week till we’ll be driving to OSB!!!

Saturday 11/10

4.30-6pm: Newcomer lesson with Steve and Susan!

Sunday 11/11

Club is in the League Vandenberg room this week, check out their website here for more info.

5-6pm: American Tango 3
6-7pm: Jive 2
7-8pm: International Waltz 1
8-10pm: Open dance

There’s a lot of people on this team, to help you get to know everyone we’ve made a handy guide to who’s on which team. Check out Pre-C below!

Not pictured:

Kevin (graduate student, dentistry) and Pahriya (graduate student, environmental health sciences)

Josh (senior, Economics) and Dasha (senior, BCN)

Sean (senior, computer science) and Lauren (senior, psychology and sociology)


Happy dancing,