12/10/17 Week at a Glance

By on December 10, 2017

Here’s our last WAG for the semester! Some quick notes:

  • Tryouts will be Saturday, January 13th! More information will be sent out via email soon. Save the date!
  • Mark your calendars for the Arnold… The Arnold Ballroom classic, the sister competition to OSB, will be March 3-4th, which is the last Saturday and Sunday of spring break. Not only is this competition as big as OSB, the points we earn from Arnold add on to our next OSB score, thus making it essential for defending our title. Be sure to arrange your transportation so you end up back in Ann Arbor or Columbus so you can dance for the Terminator himself, who makes an appearance every year in the ballroom!!
  • If you missed EOS or just want to re-live it, all the talent show videos are up on the channel. Thanks Lizzy! 

And now the schedule…

Monday 12/10

9-11pm: Our last newcomer lesson! Location: Intramural Sports Building, Multipurpose Room A. 

Tuesday 12/11 – Sat 12/15. no events scheduled. DTS will be closed until January!

Sunday 12/16

Here’s our ballroom club lesson lineup:

5-6pm: Hustle 3
6-7pm: Jive 2
7-8pm: Am. Tango 1
8-10pm: Open Dance


See you in January 🙂