2/11/18 Week at a Glance

By on February 12, 2018


OSU is this weekend! Get excited to compete, as we’ll soon be back in Columbus later for the Arnold!!

Things for new members: We’re glad you’ve decided to come learn how to dance with us! Check out the lessons on Sat/Mon as well as the guided practices on Thursday, if you haven’t been going already. Make sure you’ve paid dues please!

Things for everyone: 

  • Fill out this 10-second family & friends info form! Why? Because running Michcomp costs ~$15,000, and we can’t pay for it with memes. Therefor, we’re asking for donations from people who support the team (don’t your parents love seeing you dance??). You don’t even have to ask anyone for a donation, we’ll do it for you! Fill out the form please!
  • Save the date of March 30th for Dance Mix!!! It’s your favorite spectacular end of year dance show, our formation team will be performing again this year! Last year’s show was sold out with thousands of people filling the Power Center, so don’t miss out on an evening of performances from UofM’s best dance groups.
  • If you’re not going to OSU, there’s a charity dance workshop this Saturday at the CCRB taught by the Dance Mix core groups. These are sure to be great workshops from some of the best dance groups at Michigan.

And now the schedule…

Monday 2/12

9-11pm: Newcomer review lesson! This is the place to be if you missed our quick Saturday lesson last week or just want to see everything again. Location: Intramural Sports Building, Multipurpose Room A. 

9:30pm-11:30pm: Open practice at DTS

Tuesday 2/13

10pm-12am: Open practice at DTS

Wednesday 2/14

9:30pm-11:30pm: Open practice at DTS

Thursday 2/15

9pm-11pm: Rounds for OSU. Even if you’re not coming to OSU, you can still come practice like it’s a competition!. Location: Intramural Sports Building, Multipurpose Room A.

No DTS tonight, sorry!

Friday 2/16

Wish your teammates going to OSU good luck! Or if you’re going, get some sleep and drink water..

Saturday 2/17

6-8pm: Newcomer lesson! Location: Intramural Sports Building, Multipurpose Room A, taught by Jacob and Anna 🙂

Sunday 2/18

Here’s our ballroom club lesson lineup; level 1 and 2 lessons are free for everyone who’s joined! For those that are new, the Ballroom Dance Club is the team’s sister organization, which meets every Sunday. Everyone who’s paid dues for the team gets a complimentary membership to the club, which is a great way to learn new things and practice in a relaxed and social setting.

The club is meeting in the Pendleton room this week.

5-6pm: Samba 3
6-7pm: Am. Rumba 2
7-8pm: Quickstep 1
8-10pm: Open Dance


You’re tearing me apart Lisa!