2/25/18 Week at a Glance

By on February 24, 2019

Dancing is tiring! 


Hi team,

Only one more week until break! Good luck powering through all the midterms, papers and projects which stand in the way between you and FREEDOM!

Here’s the announcements for this week:

  • Final preparations for Arnold! Check out these useful team resources to help you prepare for the comp 🙂
    • Registration payment deadline is WEDNESDAY February 27th. Don’t be a jerk and make our lovely treasurer Clara hunt you down, there will be a late fee of $15 if you don’t pay on time! Venmo @UMBDT preferred, cash/check/card/PayPal accepted. Reach out to Clara at cafarley@umich.edu if you have questions about payment.
    • We’ll be running practice competition rounds this Thursday in the CCRB. Come and warm up for the big weekend and practice cheering your team-mates!
    • Newcomer ladies, check out the team closet which contains many items you can borrow to wear at Arnold (standard skirts, Latin skirts and leotards)
    • Ladies, also check out these video tutorials by team alumna Katherine for help with competition hair and makeup!
    • If you’re a lead with some spare dances available, consider dancing TBA with one of our team’s TBA follows! Contact me at enabney@umich.edu if this applies to you and I’ll help pair you with someone.
    • Everyone, check out our competition preparation list to see what you need to pack! Don’t be the guy who forgets his tie or the girl who forgets her spandex 🙁

Join this squad with your own MBDT apparel! 

  • Apparel! Rep the MBDT! It’s your last chance to order team apparel on our website as the deadline is March 1st. Check out this semester’s offerings here and contact our PR Chair, Tara Holz, at taralyho@umich.edu with any questions.


Monday 2/25

9pm-midnight: Open practice in the League ballroom!

No DTS, come to the League instead!

Tuesday 2/26

9-11pm: Newcomer review lesson

10-12pm: Open practice at DTS

Wednesday 2/27


9.30-11.30pm: Open practice at DTS

Thursday 2/28

9-11pm: Rounds in CCRB 3275

No DTS, come to the CCRB instead!

Friday 3/1


Pack for Arnold and drive to Columbus!

Saturday 3/2


No newcomer lesson

Sunday 3/3


No club this week for Spring Break


Happy dancing!