3/11/18 Week at a Glance

By on March 12, 2018

T-minus 2 weeks ’till Michcomp! The best competition of the year is coming up soon. Why is it the best? It’s right here in town! Your friends and family can come watch! Mark Schlissel is going to come dance newcomer quickstep! Okay maybe only 2/3 of those things are true, but you’ll have to register and come to find out.

Oh that’s right — you have to register to go to Michcomp. Which odds are you haven’t, so register by March 16th otherwise you’ll have to pay the late registration fee. While you’re at it, click here to get a shoutout in the program. Shoutouts aren’t just for parents to post embarrassing baby photos — you can get one for your partner, your mentor/mentee, or friend!

March 24th draws near, so does our fundraising progress: with over $1,600 of our $2,000 fundraising goal met! Thank you to all friends and family of the team who have donated, we would not be able to do this without you.

Michcomp Fundraising Progress


To finally hit our goal, tell your friends/family about how their donation can make a huge impact in helping us throw an awesome comp, either through direct donation or by buying a shout-out.

Michcomp is not possible without the wonderful dancers of all other schools coming to visit, and they need a place to stay! Even if you can only house one or two people, every spot makes a difference. Sign ups for housing are here. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR HOUSING ASAP BY IF YOU ARE PHYSICALLY ABLE!

Lastly, we’re gauging interest for a combination lesson w/ Polarity. If you’re interested in a potential class on April 9th or 16th, please fill out this interest form.

And now the schedule…

Monday 3/12

9-11pm: Newcomer review lesson! Come check out what you missed on Saturday, or review and ask questions if you just want to see the material again. Location: Intramural Sports Building, Multipurpose Room A. 

9:30pm-11:30pm: Open practice at DTS

Tuesday 3/13

10pm-12am: Open practice at DTS

Wednesday 3/14

9:30pm-11:30pm: Open practice at DTS

Thursday 3/15

9pm-11pm: Guided practice. Come with your specific questions about things you want to learn, or have one of us give you some things to practice before Michcomp! Location: Intramural Sports Building, Multipurpose Room A.

10pm-12am: Open practice at DTS

Friday 3/16

Send some pics of you hanging out with your ballroom buddy to ballroom-exec@umich.edu 🙂

Saturday 3/17

6pm-8pm: Newcomer lesson! Come learn some brand new things as we gear up for Michcomp. Location: Intramural Sports Building, Multipurpose Room A. 

Sunday 3/18

Here’s our ballroom club lesson lineup; level 1 and 2 lessons are free for everyone who’s joined! For those that are new, the Ballroom Dance Club is the team’s sister organization, which meets every Sunday. Everyone who’s paid dues for the team gets a complimentary membership to the club, which is a great way to learn new things and practice in a relaxed and social setting.

The club is meeting in the Rogel Ballroom this week.

5-6pm: Samba 3
6-7pm: Am. Rumba 2
7-8pm: Quickstep 1 <– come to this if you want to learn/review quickstep
8-10pm: Open Dance

Yours in dancing,