3/11/19 Week at a Glance

By on March 10, 2019

Last year’s team after a successful MichComp! 


Hi team,

Congratulations Arnold victors, I hope you all had a restful/exciting/productive break (depending on what you were aiming for)! Here’s this week’s announcements:

  • Last week to sign up for MichComp!!! It’s T-minus 2 weeks ’till Michcomp! The best competition of the year is coming up soon. Why is it the best? It’s right here in town! Your friends and family can come watch! Mark Schlissel is going to come dance newcomer quickstep! Okay maybe only 2/3 of those things are true, but you’ll have to register and come to find out which ones…Early registration closes on Friday, so make sure you register and pay the team before then to avoid the late registration fee. Here’s the link for registration 🙂
  • More MichComp things: 
    • Shoutouts: Every year we have a program at MichComp which contains shout-outs! These can be purchased by family, friends and team members to show appreciation for someone and can include a photo, text or a mix of the two. Shoutouts aren’t just for parents to display your embarrassing baby photos — you can get one for your partner, your friend or your favourite graduating senior! You can purchase a shoutout in the MichComp program here.
    • Housing: Throw your own ballroom slumber party by hosting dancers from other teams, and say thank you to teams who have hosted us throughout the year! We need a LOT of housing, so please volunteer even if you can host just one person. Sign up here.
    • Rides: Pioneer’s closer than most comps, but you still won’t want to walk there at 7am on Saturday morning. Save your legs for dancing and fill-out this form!
    • Spread the word: Share our Facebook event and invite your friends and family to come and watch you dance! Spectator entry is free for students 🙂

The world’s tallest leprechauns

  • St Patrick’s Day party! Celebrate all things Irish with your favourite people at the team’s St Patrick’s Day party this Friday! You can find more details about location/time in the WAG email 🙂


Monday 3/11

9.30-11.30pm: Open practice at DTS

Tuesday 3/12

9-11pm: Newcomer review lesson

10-12pm: Open practice at DTS

Wednesday 3/13

9-11pm: Open practice in IMSB Multipurpose Room A (the large mirror room). We only have large practice space available a few times per semester, so come and practice your standard!

No DTS, come to the IMSB instead!

Thursday 3/14

9-11pm: Newcomer supervised practice! Come and get some help from upper level team members to prepare for MichComp!

10-12pm: Open practice at DTS

Friday 3/15


10pm-2am: St Patrick’s Day Party!!! 

Saturday 3/16

4.30-6pm: Newcomer lesson with Steve and Susan!

Sunday 3/17

Club is in the Vandenberg Room this week, check out their website here for more info.

5-6pm: Advanced Samba
6-7pm: Intermediate American Viennese Waltz
7-8pm: Beginner West Coast Swing
8-10pm: Open Dance


Happy dancing!