3/18/19 Week at a Glance

By on March 18, 2019

Invite your friends and family to the best comp of the year!!!

Hi team,

Before we get to the announcements, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was at the CCRB during newcomer lesson on Saturday for your swift and calm response to the emergency alerts. Remember that CAPS offers a range of services if you are in need of support after Saturday’s events <3

Moving on to more cheerful matters, MichComp is here!!! Anna has been working hard for months to put on an amazing comp for us, but MichComp will only be successful if it is a full team effort so please make sure you assist her in any way you can!

Things to do right now:

  • Change your profile pic to one of the four images attached to the WAG email, or expect to be harassed by the MichComp committee…
  • Share the Facebook event and invite all your friends and family to watch you dance

Things to do this week:

  • Shoutout deadline extended to Wednesday! You can purchase a shoutout in the MichComp program for your partner, BFF or favourite graduating senior here.
  • Housing: We’re still short of housing, so please volunteer even if you can host just one person. Sign up here.

Things to do on Friday/Saturday:

  • Set-up/clean-up: Half the team will be assigned to set up on Friday, and the other half to break down after the comp ends on Saturday. Assisting at one of these times is mandatory, keep an eye out for an email from Anna later in the week with your assignment.

Dance Mix 2017!

  • Get hype for Dance Mix! A-team have been hard at work all semester putting together a Latin formation for Dance Mix, the coolest dance show on campus! Come out to the Power Centre at 7pm on March 29th to see a selection of U-M’s best dance groups perform a variety of acts ranging from ballet to hip hop to Bollywood. Check out the Facebook event here for more details. The show usually sells out a few days before, so if you’d like to come I strongly recommend you buy your ticket in advance. You can buy your ticket at this link, from MUTO in the League, or at the posting wall March 25th-28th 10.30am-4.00pm.


Monday 3/18

9pm-midnight: Open practice in the League Ballroom! Come and practice your standard ready for MichComp

No DTS, come to the League instead!

Tuesday 3/19

9-11pm: Newcomer review lesson – Jonny and I will go over what Steve and Susan were planning to teach on Saturday 🙂

10-12pm: Open practice at DTS

Wednesday 3/20

9.30-11.30pm: Open practice at DTS. Please note that Studio A will be unavailable 10.30-11.3opm, so make sure you practice your standard in the first hour of DTS 🙂

Thursday 3/21

9-11pm: Rounds in CCRB 3275 – come and get hype for MichComp with your teammates!

No DTS, come to the CCRB instead!

Friday 3/22

MBDT SPIRIT DAY!!! Everyone wear some Michigan Ballroom gear to advertise for tomorrow and rep our team with pride 🙂

8-9pm: MichComp setup at Pioneer

9-11pm: MichComp Welcome Dance at Pioneer


Saturday 3/23

8am-6pm: MichComp!

6pm-???: Clean up Pioneer

9.30pm-2am: MichComp afterparty! See the WAG email for the address.

Sunday 3/24

Club is in the Vandenberg Room this week, check out their website here for more info.

5-6pm: Advanced Samba
6-7pm: Intermediate American Viennese Waltz
7-8pm: Beginner West Coast Swing
8-10pm: Open Dance

I can’t wait to be out on the floor competing alongside you all at the best competition of the school year! Regardless of how the scores turn out, do not forget to celebrate how much you have grown throughout the course of your time on the team this year, and to make the most of every second out on that dance floor!

Happy dancing!