4/16/18 Week at a Glance

By on April 16, 2018

Hello and welcome to the last Week at a Glance of the semester but also my first as your new president! Congratulations to all the other members of the 2018-19 board (you can see the full election results below), and many thanks to everyone who served on the 2017-18 board.

Some final announcements:

Clothing sale: During Tuesday DTS we’re holding a clothing sale for seniors (and anyone else who wants to) to sell off competition outfits, practice gear, jewellery and anything else ballroom related!  If you have things to sell but can’t make it on Tuesday, you can arrange a time to drop off your stuff with me and I will take care of it.

Last Newcomer Lessons: Newcomer lessons will still be running Monday and Thursday this week. Come and dance away your finals stress!

DTS Open On Demand: This is the last week DTS will be open on the regular schedule. After this week, DTS will be open if there is enough demand for it, so check the team Facebook group for whether it will be open or not.

Pay your balance! Money you owe the team is money that’s already been spent on gas, hotels, lessons, etc. Don’t be a jerk and make your wonderful new Treasurer Clara have to chase you down for money!

And finally, the election results!

President: Lizzie Nabney

Treasurer: Clara McFarlin

Home Comp: Anna Haynes

Away Comp: Fabiola Galguera

Curriculum: David Williams

Recruitment: Saharsh Hajela

PR: Tara Holz

Tech Chair: Jack Boezwinkle

Practice Space: Corey Flynn



And now the schedule…

Monday 4/16

7pm-9pm: Practice space at IMSB Multipurpose Room A – come and practice your standard!

9:30pm-11:30pm: Open practice at DTS

9pm-11pm: Last newcomer lesson! Location: IMSB Multipurpose Room A

Tuesday 4/17

10pm-12am: Open practice at DTS

10pm-12am: Clothing sale at DTS! Buy some new outfits to dance in next year!

Wednesday 4/18

9:30pm-11:30pm: Open practice at DTS

Thursday 4/19

9pm-11pm: Last guided practice! Location: IMSB Multipurpose Room A

10pm-12am: Open practice at DTS

Friday 4/20

Meet up with a senior to say goodbye 🙁

Saturday 4/21

No Newcomer lesson! 

Sunday 4/22

Club is holding their board elections today at 4pm in the Crofoot room of the Michigan Union. If you would like to run for an open position or want to place your vote on a position, please attend this meeting! More info about the positions can be found on the club website, ballroomdance.club

Club is in the Pendleton room this week

5-6pm: Am. Rumba 3
6-7pm: Am. Foxtrot 2
7-8pm: Int. Cha Cha 1
8-10pm: Open Dance

Good luck on finals everyone, and have an amazing summer!