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~Fall 2017 Competitions~

Ohio Star Ball (OSB)

November 18-19th – Columbus, OH
Registration* and Entries (due Nov. 4)

*Note that you can only dance in 8 events, so choose carefully! There is an exception that lets leads dance an additional two events with follows from other schools, so feel free to look into dancing with TBA follows from other schools leads on this spreadsheet!

*The registration fee for OSB is normally $80. Thanks to team subsidies though, we have some exciting news: Newcomers who joined after January, 2017 only pay $40 to register. The team will cover the rest of the cost for you! This applies to everyone who joined this semester, and actually makes the registration cost for OSB the cheapest out of all the competitions this semester for you!

Rooms and Rides* (due Nov. 4)

*There is an option asking whether you would prefer to room with 4 or 4-6 people. We will stay in a hotel for two nights, and this cost is something that our team members have to pay for. The cost of the room is split among all the people in it, so the more people you stay with, the less you have to pay. If you are concerned about the additional cost, you can contact David ( or Lizzie ( for more information

Information packet
Facebook event

Illinois Dancesport Invitational

October 14th – Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL

Badger Ballroom Dancesport Invitational

October 21st – Madison, WI

Purdue Ballroom Classic

November 11th – West Lafayette, IN