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~Winter 2018 Competitions~


Arnold Dancesport Classic

March 3-4 – Columbus, OH

Rooms and Rides – Due Feb. 20th
Registration* – Due Feb. 20th, payment due Feb. 23rd. The cost is $40 if you’ve been on the team for less than a year, otherwise it’s $70 upfront and we will subsidize the cost to bring it down to the $40-$50 range if we win. This is the same as what we did for OSB, but if you have any concerns about paying upfront, contact Lizzie ( before the payment deadline! Keep in mind that there will also be an additional cost for the hotel, but the cost will be split among you and your roommates, so the more people you indicate that you want to stay with on R&R, the less it will cost for you individually.
Registration Walkthrough (because it’s ugly and confusing). Unlike OSB you can register for an unlimited number of events, not just 8!
Facebook Event



March 24 – Ann Arbor, MI



Feb 17 – Columbus, OH



MSU Green and White Gala

Feb 3 – East Lansing, MI