10/8/18 Week at a Glance

By on October 7, 2018

Mike and Sydney rocking it while competing in the Newcomer category last year! If you’re new to the team you can sign up for your first competition below ūüôā¬†¬†PC: Lizzy Xiong¬†


Hi team,

It’s the last week before we all get to enjoy a well-deserved break! Come and dance with us this week to relieve your midterms stress and help push through to the weekend ūüôā

Some things for new members:

  • Comp info session/DTS intro session/shoe vending!¬†Have all your competition questions answered, learn about how to use our practice space and buy dance shoes from our local dance store VE Dance, all in one convenient evening!¬†Please note, attending the DTS intro session is mandatory if you want to use team practice space at DTS for the rest of the semester.¬†If you have a conflict and are unable to attend, please contact Lizzie (enabney@umich.edu) to arrange a make up opportunity (in case you were wondering, this is our final mandatory event of the semester – from now on, everything is optional!)

Time: Tuesday 10pm-midnight

Location: Dance Theatre Studio, 713 North University Avenue (near Panera). If you attend the shortened newcomer lesson before this we’ll walk you over from the CCRB ūüôā

You can expect a pair of shoes to cost about $60-80, and VE Dance accept credit/debit cards and cash. If you can’t make this vending session you can stop by the VE Dance shop in Ypsilanti to buy your shoes, here’s a map!

  • Lessons this week:¬†Because of shoe vending/Illinois comp this weekend/fall break, newcomer lessons are running on an irregular schedule this week. Please check the schedule below and/or the team calendar before showing up at the CCRB!
  • More about lessons:¬†As the weather changes the CCRB will turn on the heat, which means the mirror room can get very warm during lesson. Dancing is an energetic activity, which means you’ll probably sweat a little during lessons and practice! This is totally fine, but since dancing also involves close body contact with other people, please take a look at the following hygiene tips from our coaches:
    • take a shower some time the day of the lesson
    • bring a spare clean shirt and change before the lesson
    • wear deodorant and/or body spray
    • make your breath smell fresh with gum or mints


Some things for everyone:

  • Purdue registration due this week!!!¬†The deadline to sign up for Purdue is this week (Thursday October 11th!).¬†If you’re a newcomer, this is a great opportunity to try out what competing is like before Nationals in November. Here are the details:
REGISTER BY OCTOBER 11TH ($50 per person)
REGISTRATION (registration has changed this year, use the instructions here even if you’re familiar with o2cm)
  • Illinois payment deadline:¬†Speaking of competitions, if you’ve signed up for Illinois the payment deadline is¬†this Wednesday, October 10th.¬†Don’t be a jerk and make Clara hunt you down!

Join this fabulous squad by ordering your team apparel!

  • Apparel:¬†Rep the MBDT! Apparel is now available for purchase on our website until October 21st. Check out this semester‚Äôs offerings¬†here¬†and email our PR Chair, Tara Holz, at¬†taralyho@umich.edu¬†with any questions. If you’re interested in being part of a ballroom¬†tiedye¬†event (date TBA once apparel is distributed), buy one of our white Michigan Ballroom V-Necks or tanks!
  • Corn maze:¬†Get excited for our next social, a team trip to a spooOOooky corn maze on Friday October 19th!¬†Sign up¬†here¬†by¬†Saturday 10/13 at 11.59pm¬†to ensure you get a ride to the maze!
  • Party theme:¬†Our next team party will be on¬†Saturday November 3rd, and you can help us choose the theme¬†here.
  • Ballroom buddies:¬†Keep an eye out for an email from Jeb with your buddy assignment in the next day or two! Many thanks to all the returning members who signed up to help out, we had so many guys sign up we didn’t have enough newcomers to assign you all a buddy ūüôĀ


And now the schedule…

Monday 10/8

9.30-11.30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Tuesday 10/9

9-10pm:¬†Newcomer Review Lesson (part 1)!¬†Review this week’s new American Rumba moves with John and Cassidy in this short lesson. We’ll walk you over to DTS afterwards for the vending/info session!

10-12pm: Newcomer comp and practice space info session/Shoe vending! Location: Dance Theatre Studio, 713 North University Avenue (near Panera)

10-11pm: Open Practice in CCRB 3275 (DTS is closed for vending, come and practice here instead)

Wednesday 10/10

7-10pm:¬†Open Practice in the League Ballroom!!!¬†Come and practice your standard, we only have the ballroom a couple more times this semester…

9.30-11.30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Thursday 10/11

9-10pm: Newcomer review lesson (part 2)! Review tango and mambo with Amos and Lizzie

10-11pm:¬†Practice competition rounds!¬†Come and experience what it’s like to attend a competition. You don’t need to be competing at Illinois to attend. Location: CCRB 3275

10-12pm: Open Practice at DTS

Friday 10/12

Meet up with your new ballroom buddy!

Saturday 10/13

No Newcomer lesson due to Fall Break!

Sunday 10/14

Your ballroom team membership comes with a FREE membership to the ballroom club! Just ask the desk at the club for your membership card. The Ballroom Dance Club meets once a week on Sundays and provides a relaxed, social environment to learn ballroom for the wider Ann Arbor community. It’s a great opportunity to attend an additional lesson (if the two this week weren’t enough) and get some help from upper-level team members at Open Dance. Club is in the Vandenberg Room in the League this week.

5-6pm: Paso Doble
6-7pm: International Cha Cha 2
7-8pm: American Tango 1 <- Newcomers come to this one!
8-10pm: Open Dance

For more information including this week’s schedule, check out the club website here.


Congratulations for making it to the end, this might be the longest WAG ever!


Have a great week,