11/13/17 Week at a Glance

By on November 13, 2017

The sleepy team after winning OSB

The sleepy team after winning OSB

Here’s our “Week at a Glance” for 11/13/17, our last week before OSB!! :

  • Payment deadline for OSB is this Wednesday. If you accidentally payed on O2CM (the registration website), contact us immediately since you weren’t supposed to. (ballroom-exec@umich.edu). Venmo preferred, cash/check/card/paypal accepted. If you joined after Jan 2017, the team will pay for half your registration, meaning your cost is only $40!! Team-members who joined before that are still eligible for the standard substantial subsidy after the competition.
  • Here’s our OSBingo sheet for this year! Complete the photo prompts to earn points, and win prizes at the end of semester party!
  • We’re having a team spaghetti dinner to carb up before OSB. It’ll be happening Thursday night before rounds. Details and FB event to follow.
  • OSB PRO-SHOW ATTIRE PREPARATION: Friday and Saturday night, you will all have tickets to attend OSB’s pro-show! This is your chance to dress to the nines 🙂 Ladies, bring your favorite dress! Gentlemen, plan on bringing a suit.

And now the schedule, with our pre-OSB team spirit challenge. Take a picture or video for each day’s theme! Either use #UMBDT on Instagram or send them to Anna (annoelle@umich.edu). The person/group with most creativity/dedication throughout the week wins a prize at the end of semester party!

Monday 11/13

Getting your beauty sleep for OSB? Wear your pj’s to practice!

9-11pm: Newcomer lessonlocation: Intramural Sports Building, Multipurpose Room A

9:30-11:30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Tuesday 11/14

Steve and Sus-day! Dress up like the coach of your choice

10-12pm: Open Practice at DTS 

Wednesday 11/15

Weird Waltz Wednesday! Take a video of you and your teammates doing a wacky waltz (koala waltz, t-rex waltz, 3 person waltz, etc.)

also the OSB payment deadline. Pay the team or you can’t go 🙁

2:30-5:30pm: Office hours in our Union Office! Location: Room 4344. Come ask us a question, do some homework, or just hang out.

9:30-11:30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Thursday 11/16

Bond with your team 🙂 Get to know someone on the team (who’s not your partner/roommate/SO) by grabbing food or coffee or coming to the Spaghetti Dinner!

Time TBD: Spaghetti dinner

9-11pm: OSB Rounds!! DTS will be closed. Location: Intramural Sports Building, Multipurpose room A.

Friday 11/17

Team Spirit Day! Get hype for OSB and spread team spirit by wearing your team swag 🙂

Drive to OHIO…


Saturday 11/18


Sunday 11/19

OSB DAY 2! Eat steak-n-shake then drive home and have a well deserved rest.

See you on the dance floor!