11/5/17 Week at a Glance

By on November 6, 2017

Last year's newcomer class after rocking it at OSB!!

Last year’s newcomer class after rocking it at OSB!!

Here’s our “Week at a Glance” for 11/5/17:

Some things for new members:

  • Registration for Steve and Susan’s competition workshop is open! This special lesson is a great way to get an advantage in competitions and get ready for OSB the following weekend! You can expect to leave the workshop with an improved understanding of what it takes to be successful as a dancer, both on and off the competition floor.

Saturday November 11th, 5-7pm
Where: Steve and Susan’s studio (you’ll get information about how to get there after you’ve signed up)
Cost: $20 per person, paid to the team *in advance* (usual payment methods available)

Remember that you need to bring a partner (though not necessarily your regular partner) to attend!
Please note that you *must* wear dance shoes and heel protectors in Steve and Susan’s studio. If you don’t own them, please contact Lizzie (enabney@umich.edu) ASAP to borrow some from the team closet.

Sign-up and payment deadline is Thursday November 9th at 11.55pm. Sign up here.

  • If you don’t have a partner, put your name down on our partner search spreadsheet, which you can find here.
  • Get hyped for OSB, we’ve got less than two weeks to go! OSB runs Fri Nov 17th to Sunday Nov 19th and is the most action packed, fun weekend of dancing and camaraderie you’ve ever seen. Ask some older team members for their favorite OSB stories and you’ll quickly discover why it’s the highlight of the semester. Check out our handy competition preparation list in the meantime to figure out how to prep for the big weekend!

Things for everyone:

  • The competition workshop for A-C team registration can be found here, with info in the link. You need to sign up here even if you already told S&S you are coming so we can track payments!
  • Committee applications are open! If you’re interested in applying, click here. Committees are a great way to get involved in the behind-the-scenes running of the team.
    The application deadline is 11/10 at midnight.
  • Payment deadline for Purdue is Wednesday Nov 8th. Venmo preferred, cash/check/card/paypal accepted.
  • OSB payment deadline is Nov 15th ($80). If you joined after Jan 2017, the team will pay for half your registration, meaning your cost is only $40!! Team-members who joined before that are still eligible for the standard substantial subsidy after the competition.

And now the schedule…

Monday 11/6

9-11pm: Newcomer review lessonlocation: Intramural Sports Building, Multipurpose Room A

9:30-11:30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Tuesday 11/7

10-12pm: Open Practice at DTS 

Wednesday 11/8

Purdue payment deadline!

9:30-11:30pm: Open Practice at DTS

Thursday 11/9

9-11pm: Guided practice, location: Intramural Sports Building, Multipurpose room A. Come with your partner and we’ll help you with any questions you have!

10-12pm: Open Practice at DTS. Rounds for Purdue will be happening during the second hour so space in the large room will be limited.

Friday 11/10

Only one week till we’ll be driving to OSB!! Start eating some carbs…

Saturday 11/11

5-7pm: Competition workshop @ S&S’s studio! No newcomer lesson today.

Sunday 11/5

5-6pm: Am. Waltz 3
6-7pm: Quickstep 2
7-8pm: Jive 1 <- Newcomers come to this one and learn a new dance for OSB!
8-10pm: Open Dance


This week on meet your teammates: A-Team! If you have a technical question, these are the people to ask 🙂