4/1/19 Week at a Glance

By on March 31, 2019

Dance Mix 2019!

Hi team,

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to support A-team at Dance Mix! The atmosphere in the Power Centre was electric thanks to the enthusiastic contributions of team members in the audience ūüôā

Here’s this week’s announcement:

  • Apparel is here!¬†Come and collect your items at DTS this Monday, or if you can’t make it contact your awesome PR Chair Tara at taralyho@umich.edu to arrange an alternate time.


Monday 4/1

9.30-11.30pm: Open practice at DTS. Collect your apparel!

Tuesday 4/2

9-11pm: Newcomer review lesson

10-12pm: Open practice at DTS

Wednesday 4/3

9.30-11.30pm: Open practice at DTS

Thursday 4/4

9-11pm: Newcomer/Pre-C supervised practice

10-12pm: Open practice at DTS

Friday 4/5

Celebrate National Flash Drive Day (yes that is a thing)

Saturday 4/6

Notre Dame competition – good luck to everyone competing!

4.30-6pm: Newcomer lesson with Steve and Susan

Sunday 4/7

Club is in the Vandenberg Room this week, check out their website here for more info. Note that the lesson times are different from normal!

6.30-7pm: Advanced American Viennese Waltz
7=7.30pm: Intermediate West Coast Swing
7.30-8pm: Beginner Hustle
8-10pm: Open Dance


Happy dancing!