4/9/18 Week at a Glance

By on April 9, 2018

Here’s our last week!! Our end of semester party will be this Saturday, April 14th. We’ll be celebrating the year, saying farewell to our seniors, and voting for a new executive board for the coming year. Before the party, we have to take care of a few things first, like..

Pay your balance! Money you owe the team is money that’s already been spent on gas, hotels, lessons, etc. Don’t be a jerk and make us have to chase you down for money, otherwise you can’t come to EOS or vote ūüôĀ

Food! Sign up to bring a dish to EOS here, by this Thursday.

Superlatives! Who is the team’s biggest flirt? Most mismatched couple? Team MVP?? Cast your vote here by Thursday.

Tell us if you’re graduating! We recognize all outgoing seniors, but fill out this form¬†by Thursday so we know who to make slides of…


Lastly, we’ll be voting for our new board, so please check out the platforms for our¬†ballroom executive board candidates.

In addition to this document, see FB events for four of our candidates here:

Lizzie Nabney (for President)

Christopher Stewart (for Public Relations Chair)

Jeb Hamel (for Recruitment Chair)

Cecilia Scotta (for Tech Chair)

If you can’t make EOS but still want to vote, please consult the list of candidates in the document above, and email me directly (amoscao @ umich ) to request an absentee ballot. Still gotta pay dues to do this though.


Phew, that’s a lot of links. But it’s well worth paying attention to, so please fill out the forms and read the candidate platforms!

And now the schedule…

Monday 4/9

9:30pm-11:30pm: Open practice at DTS

9pm-11pm: Newcomer lesson review! Location: IMSB Multipurpose Room A

Tuesday 4/10

10pm-12am: Open practice at DTS

Wednesday 4/11

9:30pm-11:30pm: Open practice at DTS

Thursday 4/12

9pm-11pm: Guided practice! Location: IMSB Multipurpose Room A

10pm-12am: Open practice at DTS

Friday 4/13

Actually get the stuff to make that dish you’re bringing to EOS…

Saturday 4/14

6pm-7pm: Newcomer lesson! Location: IMSB Multipurpose room A

8pm-11pm(ha): End of Semester Party (location by email)

Sunday 4/15


Club is having a party this week! Check out the club website, ballroomdance.club for more information. Club is also holding their board elections on April 22nd at 4pm in the Crofoot room of the Michigan Union. If you would like to run for an open position or want to place your vote on a position, please attend this meeting!

5-6pm: Am. Foxtrot 1
6-7pm: Swing 1
7-10pm: Party!