Board Members

President – Amos Cao

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Bio: Originally from North Carolina, Amos moved to Ann Arbor for the graduate program in Biomedical Engineering. In his free time, he likes to drive around trying to find the best places to eat.

Role: The President is ultimately responsible for overseeing all team operations, as well as long-term planning for the growth and improvement of the team. He or she is responsible for overseeing the timely execution of all team operations and making sure all other officers are fulfilling their responsibilities. The President leads board meetings and ensures the smooth functioning of team events .He or she is to brief board members on the upcoming events and allocate tasks accordingly. The president acts as a consultant for all board members, is responsible for training new board members, and maintaining strong relations with our coaches, DTS, the CCRB, and leaders in the greater Midwest Ballroom Community (other collegiate teams, organizers at OSB, Arnold). The President is ultimately responsible for a smooth transition to the successive board. The President currently serves as the “Team Liaison” on the Ballroom Club board.

Eligibility: Current member of A/B team.

Home Competition Coordinator – Elana Goldenkoff


Bio: Elana is from Northern Virginia.  She is a senior studying Neurophysiology and minoring in Judaic Studies. Outside of ballroom dancing, she enjoys hiking, biking, and exploring Ann Arbor bookshops.

Role: The Competition Coordinator organizes and facilitates the running of the annual Michigan Ballroom Competition. This includes managing and overseeing the Competition Committee, which will be in charge of scheduling judges, advertising, shoutouts, sponsors, etc. It is the responsibility of the Competition Coordinator to ensure that every aspect of the competition is taken care of, down to the tiniest detail.

Eligibility: At least 1 year as an executive board or current member of A/B team.

Curriculum Chair – Neil Sykes


Bio: Neil is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, he’s majoring in biochemistry and minoring in moral and political philosophy. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, baking, and reading.

Role: The curriculum chair is in charge of lesson scheduling (A,B,C and Pre-C) as well as setting up the DTS teaching schedule. The curriculum chair will also be in charge of the fall and winter team workshop should there be interest in holding them. The curriculum chair also is in charge of finding student teachers and practices supervisors when and if appropriate.

Eligibility: Current member of A/B/C team.

Technology Chair – Lizzy Xiong

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Bio: Lizzy is a junior from Rochester Hills, Michigan, pursuing a major in Economics and a minor in Applied Statistics. Aside from dancing, she loves taking photos, playing piano, and cuddling puppies.

Role: The Technology Chair is responsible for all technology-related issues of the team. He or she updates and maintains the webpage and the e-mail lists, including newcomer registration, Michigan competition registration, apparel, PayPal payment buttons, and donations. For OSB, MichComp, and Arnold, the Tech Chair is responsible for the video taping of dancing and making the videos available for team members to view.

Eligibility: Currently in at least second semester on the team. Website expertise strongly encouraged. Coding expertise is helpful.

Public Relations Chair – Anna Haynes


Bio: Born and raised in Stevensville, Michigan,  Anna is now pursuing a double major in Political Science and International Studies.  Outside of ballroom, she enjoys writing, traveling, and drinking lots of coffee.

Role: The public relations chair serves as the liaison between the team and other organizations. He or she handles requests for the team to do showcase performances or teach lessons. He or she works with in conjunction with the President and Recruitment Chair on welcome week events and distributing flyers at the beginning of each semester. Prior to the U of M competition, he or she aids the competition committee with canvassing. This person is also in charge of scheduling team parties and organizing apparel orders.

The PR chair is also responsible for planning team social events. The PR chair should maintain a steady stream of social events through the semester, offering a wide variety of opportunities for team members to socialize.

Eligibility: Current member of A/B/C/Pre-C team.

Recruitment Chair – Peter Hunt


Bio: Peter Hunt is from Winchendon, Massachusetts. He is pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a Food and the Environment minor. In his free time, he enjoys social dancing, gardening and vegetarian cooking.

Role: The Recruitment Chair helps newcomers have a smooth transition as they join the team. He or she has an intimate relationship with newcomer couples and addresses any of their concerns, both individually and as a group. The Recruitment chair is responsible for the advertising of the team during the Fall and Winter semester recruitment seasons, including but not limited to distribution of flyers, Festifall, and Winterfest. The Recruitment Chair is to be present at all beginner lessons on Saturday and helps bring together partnerships, and helps newcomers prepare for competitions. He or she handles general e-mail inquiries addressed to the team (e.g. newcomer questions).

Recruitment should work together with the PR chair to ensure newcomers feel welcome to the team, and are aware of both team and club lesson times.

Eligibility: Current member of A/B/C/Pre-C team.

Treasurer – Lizzie Nabney


Bio: Lizzie is from Birmingham, UK and hopes to graduate someday with a PhD in Ancient Greek.  In her free time she enjoys reading long novels and walking in the Arb.

Role: The Treasurer is responsible for balancing the team’s accounts and manages payments for team incurred costs. The Treasurer submits funding proposals to MSA and LSA every semester. He or she also collects dues from team members, as well as collects registration money for our Michcomp competition. Over the course of the semester, the Treasurer tracks balances for every member and ensures members have paid their accumulated balances.

The Treasurer is most responsible for maintaining strong relationships with SOFC of CSG and ensuring a steady stream of subsidies for competitions. Treasurer works with the away comp chair to ensure travel costs to competitions are split evenly among attending members and effectively budgets subsidies to alleviate the costs of competitions.

Eligibility: Current member of A/B/C team.

Away Competition Chair – David Williams

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Bio: David is from Lake Orion, Michigan and went straight from getting his undergrad degree in Computer Science here at UM to working on a Master’s of Information at the School of Information here. His interests include -but are not limited to- video games, anime, coffee, cats, and enjoying the all-too-brief Michigan Summer sun while it’s still warm outside.

Role: The Away Competition Chair is responsible for promoting upcoming competitions and making attending competitions as easy as possible. This includes organizing accommodations and carpools prior to the competition. Away comp chair is responsible for accurately forecasting (possibly through polls) attendance at competitions weeks or even a month in advance in order to identify housing options. The chair is responsible for ensuring enough transportation – including members’ cars, reserving UM vans well in advance before they are all taken up, renting cars if need be. The away comp chair works with other teams’ home comp coordinators to ensure maximum rooms are made available for our members attending and, at last resort, reserves hotels. The chair works with the Treasurer to assure fairness in travel costs. Finally, for OSB/Arnold, the Away Comp chair works closely with Susan McFerran to ensure adequate rooms at the Drury Inn and Crown Plaza are obtained through the competition organizers.

Eligibility: Current member of A/B/C team.

Practice Coordinator – Fabiola Galguera

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Bio: Fabiola was born and raised in Miami, Florida. After receiving a B.A in Political Science from U-M, she now attends the law school. If she’s not dancing, Fabi is most likely sitting at one of Ann Arbor’s many coffee shops, procrastinating on her work with her friends, or sitting on the Diag (if the Sun decides to actually show itself).

Role: The Practice Coordinator is responsible for all of the ballroom team’s practice space, including but not limited to: DTS, the CCRB, and the Michigan Union/League. The most important job for this position is to maintain a healthy relationship between the team and the Crabtree family (owners of DTS) and the people in charge of any other practice space. He or she is normally required to oversee cleaning and close DTS two nights per week with another board member closing the other two nights. He or she is also responsible for reserving space at the CCRB, Union or League, and anywhere else desired.

Practice coordinator ensures that the key elements of our relationship with DTS are satisfied, such as scheduling a “DTS day” to fix up the practice studio and help provide team member volunteers for the annual recital.

Eligibility: Currently in at least second semester on the team.