Membership Registration

It starts with YOU!

Every year, hundreds of students who want learn how to ballroom dance join our team. Most people who join have no dancing experience. The team, along with our professional coaches, will teach you to dance from the very first step. You don’t need a partner to begin dancing.

Once you are a member of the team, you will enjoy the following privileges:

  1. Newcomer lessons every Saturday, taught by our professional dance coaches Steve and Susan McFerran.
  2. Review lessons every Monday and Thursday night, taught by our experienced team members. These smaller classes are more personalized for those looking for additional guided practice during the week.
  3. Open Dance every Sunday at the Union hosted by the Ballroom Dance Club at the University of Michigan. The club also offers three levels of lessons every Sunday afternoon, the first two levels of which are free to our team members.
  4. Practice space Monday-Thursday at Dance Theatre Studio (DTS), which is a conveniently located studio on Central Campus.

Finally, you’ll have friends, networks, and dancing skills that last a lifetime!

Thank you for your interest in our team – we would be thrilled to have you join! Come join us at any of our practices or free lessons and find out more about the team and sign up!

Dues are $60 per semester. Please note: You must be a current enrolled student to join. You can pay by:

  1. Check: Make checks out to “Ballroom Dance Team” (no need for “Michigan” in front) and hand the check to any board member.
  2. Cash: You can give cash to any board member, but be careful with this! There is no paper trail or electronic confirmation when paying cash. We advise everyone paying cash to obtain some “proof of payment”: this can be a signed receipt, an email, or a text message. But, get something!
  3. Venmo: You can pay the team directly on Venmo, just search for @UMBDT. Please include your name, uniqname, UMID, and whether or not you are new in the comment section of the payment.
  4. PayPal: Use the “Register Now” button below to make a payment using PayPal.  When you make a payment this way, include your name, uniqname, UMID, and whether or not you are new in the “notes” section of your payment.

By clicking the “Register Now” button, you will prompted to pay $62 in dues. This value includes a 3% fee for a credit card transaction. If you pay with a different method through PayPal, such as using PayPal account credit or bank transfer, you will be credited this 3%. If you pay with a credit card, you will not be credited this 3%.
If prompted by PayPal, please select that you are paying friends and family. This avoids unnecessary fees and allows us to keep registration fees low.