2/18/24 Week at a Glance

Hi Team,

Welcome back to the 6th edition of your 2024 WAG. Hope y’all had an exceptional valentines week. It’s currently T-13 days before it’s do or die (not really) time at the Arnold.

Announcements for Everyone:

  • Pre-Arnold Practice Rounds: We are holding Practice Rounds for the Arnold this Friday from 7-10 PM in the Michigan League Ballroom. This is a great opportunity to practice in a large space and get your dances down before Spring Break. We’re excited to see you there!
  • MichComp Advertising: If you’re a member of a tryout team, we need you to fill out this form to help us get businesses to sponsor us for MichComp!
  • Competition Costume Guide: We will be holding a Competition Costume workshop on Wednesday 8:30-9:45 in IdeaHub 2434.
  • Meet the Pre-C: Watch out for our socials(@michiganballroom!) this week to learn more about the Pre-C team members!
  • Partner Search Spreadsheet: If you are looking for a partner, we have a spreadsheet open! Please put your information down if you are interested in finding a partner, but it is UP TO YOU to contact someone else on the spreadsheet if you think you could be a good match!  
  • Liability Waiver: We are now requiring all team members to sign this liability waiver. Members must sign this to attend any competitions or parties. If you have any questions or concerns, email ballroomexec@umich.edu.
  • Arnold Dancesport Classic: Registration and R&R for the Arnold are due THIS FRIDAY! Check Rachel’s email for more information!
  • Verified Teachers: Here is the new list of approved teachers for this semester!
  • MichComp Committee: We host an amazing competition during the Winter semester, but in order to organize it, we need the help of you all! If you’re interested in joining the committee, please sign up here
  • MichComp Free Housing Host: If you have any amount of floor space (even just enough for one person) in your house/apartment/dorm please fill out this form.

Practice Space Schedule: The spreadsheet for space availability can be found here.

Also, with Arnold rapidly approaching, it’s time to start meeting the teams. First up we have our fabulous Pre-C(hamp) team:

Allen Gu and Lex Pacifico

Allen is a junior studying computer science who has been on the team for three semesters so far. He has a clinically diagnosed allergy to the cold, and his favorite dance move is the worm. 

Lex has also been on the team for three semesters. She is a junior in mechanical engineering, and she enjoys dancing the Quickstep and Swing.

Shimon Likhtman and Olga Aristova

This is Shimon’s fourth semester on the team! He is a graduate student in southeast asian studies, and his favorite dance is Latin Cha-Cha. He once helped smuggle a pair of live lobsters onto the field of the Big House. 

Olga is pursuing a PhD in economics and is also in her fourth semester on the team. She attended high school entirely online (before COVID!).

Ethan Sanders and Elizabeth Whitmore

Image attachment

Ethan is currently a junior studying computer engineering. He is in his fourth semester on the team, and his favorite dance is the American Rumba. 

Elizabeth is a BNC major on a pre-med track with a minor in theater. She is in her fourth semester on the team and is currently a junior. Her favorite dance is the International Tango, and she can make delicious blueberry-lemon cookies.

Ethan McIntyre and Annika Burman

Ethan is a sophomore computer science major in his second semester on the team. His favorite dance is the International Rumba, and he drinks three Arnold Palmers every day. 

This is Annika’s second semester on the team. She is a sophomore studying both international studies and asian studies. Her favorite dance is Smooth Viennese Waltz, and she enjoys writing long-form fiction in her spare time!

Marvin Shang and Claire Duguet

This is Marvin’s second semester on the team. He is a freshman studying computer science. He is originally from California, and he loves dancing the Jive. 

Claire has also been on the team for one semester so far. She studies biology and is on a pre-med track. She is currently a freshman, and her favorite dance is the Bachata. She is enemies with a 60-year-old woman who fights over clothes with her at the Salvation Army.

This Week’s Schedule…

Monday 2/19

9:30-11:30 pm: Open Practice at DTS

Tuesday 2/20

9:30-11:30 pm: Open Practice at DTS

Wednesday 2/21

8:30 pm-9:45 pm: Competition styling workshop at IdeaHub 2434

10:00 pm-12:00 am: Open Practice at DTS.

Thursday 2/22

Review Lesson/Guided practice! 9-11 pm in IMSB Multipurpose Room A.

Friday 2/23

Happy Spring Break

Rounds in the League Ballroom 7 pm -10 pm

Saturday 2/24

This time next week we’ll all be going crazy at the Arnold

Sunday 2/25

No lesson today! Enjoy Spring Break

Wishing everyone the best week

Don’t stop dancing,


23rd MBDT President