3/3/24 Week at a Glance

Hi Team,

Welcome back to the 7th edition of your 2024 WAG. I was so impressed by all you last weekend at the Arnold. Now that I’ve had a few days to recover it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled waging.

Announcements for Everyone:

  • Arnold Receipts: If you went to the Arnold and have a gas/hotel/parking receipt please send it to Owen (ohoffend@umich.edu) ASAP! Let’s try to make his life easy.
  • MichComp Advertising: If you’re a member of a tryout team, we need you to fill out this form to help us get businesses to sponsor us for MichComp!
  • Meet the C: Look on our socials (@michiganballroom!) to learn more about the C team!
  • Liability Waiver: We are now requiring all team members to sign this liability waiver. Members must sign this to attend any competitions or parties. If you have any questions or concerns, email ballroomexec@umich.edu.
  • SAPAC Makeup: If you missed our SAPAC training, the makeup form is due on March 8th! Check your inbox for an email from Tola (akilian@umich.edu)
  • MichComp: Our last competition of the semester is T-32 days away on April 6th! Watch for more details from Rachel to come
  • Verified Teachers: Here is the new list of approved teachers for this semester!
  • MichComp Committee: We host an amazing competition during the Winter semester, but in order to organize it, we need the help of you all! If you’re interested in joining the committee, please sign up here
  • MichComp Free Housing Host: If you have any amount of floor space (even just enough for one person) in your house/apartment/dorm please fill out this form.

Practice Space Schedule: The spreadsheet for space availability can be found here.

Second up we have our amazing C(See) team!

Jason Zeng and Marin Park

Jason is a senior studying physics and computer science, and this is his fourth semester on the team. His favorite dance is Latin Cha Cha, and he can type 176 words per minute on Monkeytype. 

Marin has been on the team for one semester, and is studying biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience. She also has a minor in sales, and is currently a sophomore. She enjoys dancing International Rumba, but prefers watching Paso Doble. For Halloween, she dressed up as Jesse Pinkman.

Nathaniel Hodgson and Nicolette Kleinhoffer

Nathaniel has been on the team for 3 semesters and enjoys dancing American Foxtrot. He is a senior studying chemical engineering. He didn’t take a single heel lead in the American Foxtrot in his first four months of competition (don’t be like Nate)!

Nicolette is also a senior studying chemical engineering, and is currently in her fourth semester on the team. Her favorite dance is the International Foxtrot, and she currently has 870 separate documents on her phone’s notes app dating back to June of 2016.

Freddy Quarshie and Abby Hess

Freddy is a junior studying Statistics. This is his fourth semester on the team, and his favorite dance is the Samba. In 5th grade, he won the Geography Bee while wearing pajamas.

Abby is a senior in honors and actuarial math. She is also in her fourth semester on the team, and she enjoys dancing the Viennese Waltz. She has never once set foot in her high school’s building. 

Maxwell Chappell and Anna Vogel

Maxwell has been on the team for three semesters and is currently a graduate student in aerospace engineering. His favorite dance is Standard Viennese Waltz. He drove the campus buses part time when he was an undergrad, and he was also in a near fatal sailing accident (but he thinks that’s not as interesting). 

Anna has also been on the team for three semesters. They are a senior studying molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. Their favorite dance is (thankfully) also Standard Viennese Waltz. Their favorite pre-competition activity is 2 miles of running, and then 2 hours of sleep.  One of those is by choice, the other is not.

Jacob Harrelson and Isa Cirulis

Jacob is a senior studying robotics, and is currently in his sixth semester on the team. He is the current president of the team, and his favorite dance is the Jive.

Isa is an architecture student, and is in her third semester on the team. She is a senior, and is also finishing bachelor’s degrees in German and Spanish. Her favorite dance is no-contact Bachata. Her blood type is O Negative, but don’t ask her for some (that would be weird).

Mike Reynolds and Marie Hayward

Mike is a senior in mechanical engineering. This is his third semester on the team, and he loves dancing Latin Cha Cha. He has been skiing since he was two years old.

Marie is a sophomore art and design student who is currently in her fourth semester on the team. Her favorite dance is Smooth Foxtrot. She recently learned how to knit, then immediately forgot how to do it a month later. 

Johny Daniel and Emma Zink

Johny is a senior studying electrical engineering and computer science. He is in his sixth semester with the team, and his favorite dance is the Jive. He loves it so much, he’ll even Jive when he’s drunk!

Emma is in her fourth semester with the team. She is a sophomore studying public health, and her favorite dance is American Viennese Waltz. She enjoys camping in her spare time.

This Week’s Schedule…

Monday 3/4

9:30-11:30 pm: Open Practice at DTS

Tuesday 3/5

9:30-11:30 pm: Open Practice at DTS

Wednesday 3/6

10:00 pm-12:00 am: Open Practice at DTS.

Thursday 3/7

Review Lesson/Guided practice! 9-11 pm in IMSB Multipurpose Room A with Jacob and Ava.

9:30-11:30 pm: Open Practice at DTS

Friday 3/8

Latin night @ Club Above: 10pm

Saturday 3/9

Take a well deserved ballroom breather!

Sunday 3/10

Newcomer Lesson: 3-5 pm in IMSB Multipurpose Room A with Steve and Susan.

Wow it’s been a crazy few days. Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Don’t stop dancing,


23rd MBDT President