3/17/24 Week at a Glance

Hi Team,

Welcome back to the 9th edition of your 2024 WAG. I hope everyone had a fantastic St. Patty’s day yesterday. I had a blast teaching y’all the Rumba, Jive (My favorite!) and the Tango!

Announcements for Everyone:

  • Merch Pickup: If you ordered merch and have not received it yet, please email Johny (jonwdan@umich.edu) to arrange a pickup! (Freddy it’s coming)
  • MichComp Shout-Outs: Shout-outs are a great way to support your friends on the team, or for your friends and family to support you! A shout-out is a special message (with or without an image) in the MichComp program for members of our team. They cost $20/shout-out. Fill out this form to order one (or send it to someone who can order one for you)!
  • Flashmob!: Last year we did a flashmob to promote MichComp! We learn a choreography together and perform it on the Diag on a sunny day. Fill out this form if you are potentially interested (don’t worry it’s not binding). 
  • Pie Baking / Board Game Social: Everyone is welcome to sign up! The pie baking portion will cost $5, and you will get to go home with your own pie! Sign up for the event here! Johny will send an email later this week for time assignments.
  • Partner Search Spreadsheet: If you are looking for a partner, we have a spreadsheet open! Please put your information down if you are interested in finding a partner, but it is UP TO YOU to contact someone else on the spreadsheet if you think you could be a good match!  
  • MichComp Free Housing Host: If you have any amount of floor space (even just enough for one person) in your house/apartment/dorm please fill out this form.

This Week’s Schedule…

Monday 3/18

9:30-11:30 pm: Open Practice at DTS

Tuesday 3/19

9:30-11:30 pm: Open Practice at DTS

Wednesday 3/20

10:00 pm-12:00 am: Open Practice at DTS.

Thursday 3/21

Review Lesson/Guided practice! 9-11 pm in IMSB Multipurpose Room A with Miguel and Tola.

9:30-11:30 pm: Open Practice at DTS

Friday 3/22

Test day please ignore

Saturday 3/23

Test day please ignore

Sunday 3/24

Newcomer Lesson: 3-5 pm in IMSB Multipurpose Room A with Steve and Susan.

Hope everyone has a fantastic end to march. Michcomp coming up in T-18 days!

Don’t stop dancing,


23rd MBDT President